Sample Projects

We are eager to help students discover a passion project that will continue to be exciting and interesting for the length of your time with us. After a short stint with each organization learning how non-profit groups function, you'll get the opportunity to pursue a personalized project for and with one of four non-profits. Maybe you already have something in mind that you'd like to work on with one of our organizations. In case you're still searching, here are some ideas we have that we'd love to have you working on:

• Podcast Production: Intern will research and create 1–2 audio podcast recordings related to history of occupants or community that can be used as part of our self-guided tours. Equipment will be provided for your use.
Skills: Project organization, research, writing, time management, technology use

• Scrapbook: Intern will organize and create materials to create a scrapbook or scrapbooks that will be available for guests at the Museum. Materials will include, but not be limited to, newspaper clippings, photos, and printed materials from museum events. Materials will be provided.
Skills: Project organization, research, writing, creative layout/arrangement

• Translation: Intern will appropriately translate current English language self-guided tour book into Spanish to be used for self-guided guests.
Skills: Writing, language translation, cultural sensitivity

• Video Production: Alone or in a small group setting, organize, plan, and create a short video no longer than two minutes suitable for Facebook, website, or for our exhibit-floor video players. Audience could be general or specifically for youth.

• Podcast Production: Alone or in a small group setting, organize, plan, and create a podcast on a history topic. Audience could be general or specifically for youth.

• Article: Research a topic of local history and write an article for inclusion in our quarterly newsletter. Staff will be available to help with topic ideas and research if needed.

• Facebook Posts: Write several Facebook posts to be included on our page. These could be about artifacts, photographs, or local history topics. Staff will be available to help with topic ideas and research if needed.

• Events: Alone or in a small group, help with the planning, execution, or advertising of an event at the museum. Talk with staff about upcoming events, or present an idea of your own for consideration.

Adventure! is a non-profit children's museum dedicated to providing adventures and learning experiences for kids and their families, helping young people grow into artists, innovators, and explorers.

• Exhibit Research and Design: To help develop future exhibits, intern will work with a committee to research child development and subject matter and create a plan for an interactive children's exhibit or installation.
Skills: Project organization, research, writing, time management, communication, empathy, child development

• Exhibit Building: Alone or as part of a small group, work to create a specific exhibit component based on drawings or plans and written research. Assistance, tools, and materials will be provided.
Skills: (Possible) Woodworking, painting, decorative finishes, technology, empathy

• Visitor Feedback Survey: Research similar visitor feedback or customer feedback surveys and create survey questions to ensure a more positive visitor experience. Upload the survey to SurveyMonkey and learn how to extrapolate and interpret data.
Skills: Communication, empathy, logical thinking, writing, technology use,

• Video Production: Research and create a short, accurate, and culturally sensitive 2–3 minute video about life and culture in specified country as part of our Little Visits Exhibits.
Skills: Research, cultural awareness, communication, technology use

• Mural Painting: Intern will assist in the design and implementation of a mural in the museum.
Skills: Communication, design, painting, time management

• Organization: Intern will help develop organizational and cataloguing systems within the museum, to increase museum efficiency.
Skills: Communication, organization, time management, logical thinking, patience

• Teaching: Intern will develop a class or activity session for designated age group, gather materials, and help develop a marketing plan. The intern will determine the time and date of the class and be present as the lead teacher. Assistant and materials provided.
Skills: Time management, child development, public speaking, patience, organization, group management

Wordcrafters is a literary arts nonprofit that provides writers and readers opportunities to strengthen their craft, deepen their connection with literature, and share their knowledge with each other and with future generations through extensive community events and programs.

• Classroom Writing Adventure Crates: Create a series of writing prompts and learning materials to send classes on writing adventures for elementary and middle grades. Ensure materials meet state writing standards and test them with a sample group. Create promotional materials and a distribution plan, including developing a database of classroom teachers.
Skills: Writing, research, creative layout/design, marketing, project organization, office administration

• Writers' Advent Calendar and Writers' Year Book: Gather and curate a series of writing prompts and inspiration. Research print and production options. Produce a budget and production timeline.
Skills: Writing and editing, research, budget, time management, creative layout/design, project coordination

• Write On! A Young Writers Podcast: Create 2–3 professionally produced episodes of a podcast by young writers for young writers. This can include researching other podcasts, conducting author interviews (professional or peer fiction authors), discussing creative writing craft, and/or providing writing life inspiration and tips.
Skills: Interview/public speaking, recording production and editing, research, writing/editing, time management, creative layout/design, project coordination

• Future Project for Longer Term Interns: WITS Advisory Board. Youth board members will help shape Wordcrafters Writers in the Schools offerings and contribute to our ongoing conversation on how best to serve students to use creative writing to find their voice and tell their stories. Youth board members will provide leadership in planning and coordinating advisory board meetings, as well as interact as a full member alongside educators, writers, and community members.
Skills: Leadership, organization and program policy, research, presentations/public speaking, peer interview, project coordination

We invite you to dig into what each of our organizations has to offer, and find something that means something to you. Let's make Non-Profit High School an exciting way to help your community, earn real-world work experience, and fulfill graduation requirements!



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